29.05.2020 UPDATE

ATTENTION: We are updating our page according to changes, news and your questions daily.  If you need professional assistance service please email us for details. You can contact us for any type of residence permit: FAMILY PERMIT, SHORT TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT: Touristic Stay, Academic Research, Turkish Language Course, Internship, purchasing a Property, Business Connections, Business Investment, Journalism, Health Treatment etc.

WARNING: Please do not trust any person who meet you in cafeterias or public places.  Best way is contacting agencies. There are many scammers, they receive all cost expenses and disappear.  

Are you afraid of Turkish Bureocratic System for residence permit? Keep calm and ask Istanbul Foreigners Office.

Getting a residence permit looks a bit difficult at the beginning. You should apply with correct information and supported documents. We are going to give you a general information for SHORT TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT.

IMPORTANT: You can not apply "LONG TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT" if you haven`t been living here with residence permit for 8 years. If you want to apply up to one year touristic is the best option if it is your first time. So, if you want to stay here more than one year, you have to apply with a purpose of BUSINESS or PROPERTY HOLDER not as touristic stay. So please do not apply to "LONG TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT" for longer period.

If you decided to get a residence permit in Turkey as touristic purpose, this page helps for general information. If you want to get basic support service during your residence permit process for application, instant feedback and collecting the documents without mistakes our service fee is 1.062TL(including VAT18%) . Please email us if you want our service for SHORT-TERM or FAMILY purpose. We are giving basic and full support all around Turkey. For other purposes of stay please email to

*Basic Support includes taking an appointment without mistake, printing and copying your documents, preparing an application guideline for all the steps of residence permit process with all locations on Google Maps provided, advising tricks for the appointment and directing you to right places without losing time, arranging your all documents for the appointment in an order, writing your petition letter if it is required, tracking your permit status and back up service till the end of your residence permit. In case of opening bank account, converting your driving licence, getting the house bills on your name, registering mobile phone and sim card to yourself assistances are included as well. Basic support does not include accompanying you to your appointment day at Istanbul Immigration Directorate of Security or any related branches.

For the renewal/extension applications our service fee is 826TL(including VAT18%) as Basic Support.

If you need 
full support assistance to authorities (bank, tax office, translation office, notary,  appointment office, Kaymakamlık, address registry office and PTT) as translator or a company our assistance service is  2.006TL(including VAT18%) including the basic support service as well. If you do not need any one of these services we can reduce from the full support service fee per service. These fees are valid until 30.06.2020

For the service fees plus expenses if those are going to be paid all together at once by debit or creditcard, according to our company`s tax rate (+18%) shall be added to basis assestment.

Let`s see what conditions are waiting for you in your residence permit process:

First of all, you should check from this
 link your country`s regular visa permit. This regular visas generally 30 days or 90 days depending on country. Also there are some regular visas like 15 days. If you haven`t arrived to Turkey yet you can check Turkish government`s e-Visa website

IMPORTANTYou can not get a residence permit without passport, so please apply with your passport, your national ID does not work for residence permit.

You fell in love in Istanbul and Turkey then you would like to have a residence permit. So you should apply for residence permit in the allowed days of your visa. If your visa is expired and you are still in Turkey land please check FAQ bottom of the page.


STEP 1: Making an application

Before visiting our office and starting application process, we recommend you to have these documents with you in order to complete your process succesfully:

-Your passport

-Digital picture of you (white background, biometric, recently taken)

-Your detailed address in Turkey

-Valid Health Insurance (You can get health insurance from our office in Taksim) 

-Your own Turkish Mobile number (recommended)

After visiting our office with the mentioned documents above, we will give you our information form in order to start your process. This form helps us to know you better and complete your application without mistake. If you have questions in your mind or you are not sure about getting an assistance service, please do not hesitate to contact us via


STEP 2: Providing Correct Documents

This step is the most important part of your residence permit process. Because we should support your application with official documents depending on your nationality, passport, marital status, age, requested period of stay and of course type of application. We are advising you the correct steps in order to have the residence permit with the requested duration. So we will answer the following questions at this process:

-Are your photo(s) proper for the appointment?
-Does your passport need an update or any supporting document?
-Will you pay any extra cost on your appointment day which is not mentioned on your application? (depending on your nationality)

-Which information you should have on your rental contract before notarizing?
-Which legal payments you can make online which ones not?
-What type of health insurance you should get? (You can read the health insurance part below)
-How shall you prepare yourself for the interview?
-When can you register yourself to National Address System?
-How can you get an e-Devlet account?
-How can you track your residence permit?
-How can you register your mobile phone to Turkish Mobile Phone System?
-Which documents will be needed for the bank account and how shall you be prepared before?
-Will you need a guarantor or not?
-Which documents will you need to support your rental contract and how?
-How can you prove your income status regarding your purpose of stay?
-What shall you mention in your petition letter (in a special case) in order to get a better period of stay?
-Will you need a criminal report or not?



It is an obligation to get a Turkish health insurance for foreigners if you are going to stay in Turkey more than your country visa allows. And if you are going to stay more than 90 days in Turkey you need residence permit.

Let`s read how many options we have then you can ask your questions by emailing us.

You have only two options for the insurance if you are not studying in a Turkish University and applying for the first time:

a)  Having a public insurance from your country (only countries listed below)

If you have a public health insurance in your country and your country is mentioned below you will be exempted from Health Insurance if you do these steps. In order to reach these documents you should contact with your insurance company and you should receive the forms arranged for your name and details.

Requirements to be fulfilled to be exempt from the General Health Insurance: 

If you have a formulary "Medical Assistance Entitlement Certificate" indicated below, please give one copy to the Istanbul Social Security Directorate in Fındıklı, Beyoğlu. The Social Security Directorate/Center will give a paper in return. Give the copy of your formulary and the paper given by the Social Security Directorate Center to Police at your appointment as your Health Insurance.

  • Germany T/A 11, T/A 9, T/A 20 ,

  • The Netherlands N/TUR 106, N/TUR 111, N/TUR 121

  • Belgium BT.8, BT 16

  • Austria A/TR 3, A/TR 4

  • France  SE 208-01 FT, SE 208-02 FT SE 208-30 FT, SE 208-06 A FT, SE 208-28 FT,SE 208-09 FT

  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus K.K.T.C/T.C. 3, K.K.T.C/T.C. 6

  • Romania R/TR 3, R/TR5, R/TR 6

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina BH/TR 4, BH/TR 6, BH/TR 7

  • The Czech Republic CZ/TR 111

  • Macedonia MC/TR 4, TR/MC 6

  • Luxembourg TR/L 3, TR/L 5

  • Albania AL/TR 4, TR/AL 5

The contact information of the Istanbul Social Security Directorate and Social Security Center in Beyolu, Istanbul is given below. You should find the office "Yurtdışı İşlemleri Servisi" (Service of Foreign Operations)

You can go to Beşiktaş Sosyal Güvenlik Merkezi which is near Fındıklı-Beyoğlu. You get in the building and find Yurtdışı İşlemler Servisi, then directly you should go to office room who accepts the your public insurances. The officer will help you for your papers and ask also your father name and birth place (on your passport if you have please note it down as same). And you should be careful that your expire date of your insurance shall be longer than expected expire date of your residence permit. If you can provide this expire date at your public insurance you have to get a private insurance. You can get private health insurance at our office. After you have a paper from the officer, you are going to another room to get paper for "İkamet Tezkere Yazısı". You get into the room and ask to officer which officer you should go according to your surname.  The officer prepare you a Turkish Paper and you will take it to the chief officer get his sign and turn it back to the officer you get that paper. S/he will give your "İkamet Tezkere Yazısı" and Congratulations you have insured by SGK!!! Save this paper and add to your documents.

b) Getting insrance from Turkey


You have to get a private insurance if you are getting a residence permit. You can get private health insurance from our office in Taksim in one hour if you have a tax number.

We are working with Groupama Turkey.  (original passport needed). Our insurance covers the limits of the government. And you can visit our office for your insurance needs. You can email to or you can call +90 (212) 249 67 57

Groupama Insurance Fees for Foreigners:

These fees are one year long health insurance. It is not possible to prepare less than 12 months for this type of insurance. If you want to get residence permit, you need to get this type of insurance.


Ankara Sigorta

Groupama Sigorta


325 TL

243 TL


325 TL

199 TL


125 TL

188 TL


150 TL

235 TL


160 TL

235 TL


185 TL

268 TL


213 TL

349 TL


280 TL

358 TL


320 TL

485 TL


400 TL

570 TL


665 TL

1.305 TL

Attention! These fees might be surcharged according to your height-weight balance.


Your Turkish insurance shall cover these limits:

                                Contracted Health Providers      Noncontracted Health Providers

  Annual Minimum Limit Patient Share Annual Minimum Limit Patient Share
Outpatient Treatment 2.000 TL

Insured: 40%

Company: 60%

2.000 TL

Insured: 40%

Company: 60%

Inpatient Treatment UNLIMITED

Insured: 0%

Company: 100%

20.000 TL

Insured: 20%

Company: 80%



STEP 3: Appointment Day


For the applicants in Istanbul; if you are going for your appointment soon, please check where your appointment building is:

According to Covid-19 updates, people who have appointments in March, April and May, their appointments were transferred to June,July and August. After that Migration Directorate (  May 2020 announcement, people shall mail application documents via postal services (PTT or courrier company).  

Istanbul Department of Immigration (Main Immigration Office in Istanbul a.k.a Vatan)

Hırka_Şerif Mah. Adnan Menderes Bulvarı (Vatan Caddesi) No:64, Fatih (map)

Fatih İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

İskenderpaşa Mahallesi Yeşiltekke Sokak No:33 FATİH (map)

Beşiktaş İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

Gönenoğlu Sok. No:10 Gayrettepe, BEŞİKTAŞ (map)

Beylikdüzü İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

Yakuplu Mh. Hürriyet Cad. No:18 Hükümet KonağıBEYLİKDÜZÜ (map)      

Esenyurt İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

Bağlarçeşme Mh. Doğanaraslı Blv. No:151/1 Eski Hükümet Konağı / ESENYURT (MAP)

Küçükçekmece İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

Kartaltepe Mh.Süvari Cd. No:19 Küçükçekmece Kaymakamlığı/ KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE (MAP)

Ümraniye İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

Necip Fazıl Mah. Gaffar Okkan
Caddesi No:3 (Adil Amca Parkı) 

Pendik İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

Doğu Mh. Yücel Sokak, Pendik Hükümet Konağı – PENDİK  (map)

Maltepe İlçe Grup Başkanlığı

Altayçeşme Mh. Obaçıkmazı Sk. No:8 Maltepe Kaymakamlığı /MALTEPE (MAP)

Covid-19 Update: You shall post your documents to your appointment office via PTT or courrier company. Thats why it is so important that you shall not have any missing documents in order to not have any problem. Once you have any missing document(s), officers will inform you to complete missing documents within 30 days. In this situation it is important to use same Turkish Mobile number during your application in order to be reached by Immigration Office. If your mobile phone is not active any more we advise you to check your email inbox and junk box. If you have any doubts about your application it makes sense to call 157, you might have an opinion about your process. 


TIP: You can pay your tax fees online by using a Turkish Credit Card or with your foreign card by paying a smal amount of commission or if you have already a TC number you can pay at bank.

If you prepared all your documents as mentioned above now you are ready to go to appointment. Actually there is not so much to explain because if you go your appointment on time you will go to one of the immigration experts desk and show them your line number. They will tell you to wait and call you or they will start to check your papers. After collecting and checking papers you have to pay your residence permit ID fee. If you have paid your tax online, just keep the receipt with you. 

If you haven`t paid yet, you can pay to nearest tax office where they accept residence permit fees. It costs 110 TL (It is residence permit ID fee) plus your calculated visa fee amount: It is stated on your application form. If you would like to change your duration of stay on your appointment date:
 experts will calculate it according to your country and permit term you need. 

And the country citizens below do not pay residence permit fee (excluding 110TL):
(Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Armenia, Iraq, Kazakhistan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Luxemburg, Malta, Russia, Denmark, Ireland)

WARNING: If your country does not need e-visa (exemption from visa) or you do not have a Turkish Consulate visa on your passport in this case you might pay 695,60TL  "One Time Entry Fee Amount" as extra.

If you completed all these bureocratic steps and you delivered your documents, wait for your Residence ID, averagely it arrives in 3-7 weeks (depending on rush months). If your put your address correct at your application according to the National Address System correct and Turkish Mobile number details are correct you might receive an approval email first and then an SMS. You can get the yellow post by National Post Service (PTT) to your home. You can even track your post from the tracking number at your SMS. If you haven`t got any SMS, 6-8 weeks after your appointment date, you can call 157 Call Center and you can give your personal details to the officer and if your card is ready they will tell you your tracking number.

If you are planning to travel out of Turkey after you complete all your documents, you will receive an approval email in the following 2-4 weeks. After receiving this email you can request İkamet İzni Müracaat Belgesi from Immigration Office by showing your approval email and passport. This paper allows you to travel maximum 15 days until you get your residence permit ID. You can travel with this more than one time but maximum 15 days travel abroad in total. You can get this paper only after completing your documents and payments, and after receivng the approval email. Do not forget to make a copy of your tax payment receipt to attach your 15 days travel paper. After you get your residence permit ID, you are free to travel by showing your residence permit in the borders.

Important: If you didn`t receive any SMS after receiving your approval email within 4-6 weeks, please call 157 and keep your passport and application number ready.

Please send us your feedbacks or visit our office in Taksim and we can assist you professionally.

Please also read FAQ part in order to get your answers ;)



Q: What if I don`t apply for residence permit?

A:If you haven`t apply your residence permit on time and overstayed in Turkey after your regular touristic visa, you will pay fine (depending on country, age and overstay history) and it might be much more than residence permit fee. You may face an entry ban if your overstay is more than 10 days. These fines are depending on country. You can pay this fine at the customs during your arrival or departure. If you do not pay this fine you will be also banned to get in Turkey from 1 year up to 5 years. 


Q: What if I apply my application after 15-30-90 days passed?

A:   Actually if you do not apply to residence permit in the time of your visa and you overstayed more than 10 days, you have to leave the country and come back in order to make a new appointment. Please apply on time in order to not have a problem. In the first 10 days of your overstay period, you can still apply online to residence permit by paying 5$ for each day.


Q: I spent my 90 days already and waiting for my residence permit. I want to go to visit my family for Bairam/Christmas/Easter. What shall I do?

A: If you still do not have your residence permit ID but you received an approval email from "Göç İdaresi" you can visit the İl Göç İdaresi where you did your appointment and ask them for "İkamet İzni Müracaat Belgesi" they will prepare you a paper with your details and you can stay in your country maximum 15 days. When you are back you can show this paper at the customs. If you have already a plan you can ask also for "İkamet İzni Müracaat Belgesi" on your appointment day. Müracaat Belgesi can be taken only after you delivered your papers and all the payments made to appoitnment office. Only after approval email. You can not get it before your appointment. 

Important: If you are staying in your country more than 15 days after delivering your papers and still couldn`t recieve your ID please before your flight date visit your residence permit officer and ask for your Residence Permit Id number. It will help you on the borders.


Q: I applied for residence permit but then I lost my passport, ID etc. now I have a new passport, what shall I do?


A:  You have to go to first your consolate and get a paper for your passport and then report your stuation to the police and declare them that you lost your passport or ID or it is stolen so then they will prepare a paper for you in order to give to residence permit office. Unfortunately there is no "LOSS" application right now but they are working on it, so you can go there by getting a normal appointment and try to ask them in person.


Q: I haven`t received my residence permit ID card to my address/I haven`t even receive an SMS to my mobile number to track it, what shall I do?

A:  In the new module system you can track your residence permit status. If you can not see any information, you can to go to Istanbul Immigration Directorate of Security office in Fatih near M1 Emniyet Metro Station. After you get into building there is a card delivery desk on the left side on the ground floor after security check. You can get your ID card from there by showing your original passport.  ID cards arrive between 1-5 weeks generally.


Thank you for reading. If the process looks wild, do not hesitate to call us. +90 (212) 249 67 57


Office Working Hours and Days for Visit: Weekdays -  10:30 - 17:30